Section 1: Development Utilities.

================== Utility 3: =====================

............. Winged-Drone Mock-Up ................

To investigate an test the different controls required for the drone to fly stable and controled to the target a very basic mock-up of the Winged-Drone has been constructed.
As discussed in Section 1 the Teensy's PWM pins 2, 3, 4 and 5 are used for controling the 4 flight-control servo's:
- Servo-0. This controls the Roll by activating the Ailerons.
- Servo-1. This controls the Pitch by activatin the Elevator.
- Servo-2. This controls the Yaw by activating the Rudder.
- Servo-3. This controls the Motor-Power by activating the throttle.

It should be noted that the 3.3V PWM signal from the Teensy need to be shifted by a level-shifter, to a 5V PWM signal as required by the servo's.
The set-up of the different controls is shown in below Figure.

Basic Drone-Mock-Up.

Util3-Fig.1: Drone Mock-Up with the 4 Flight-Control Servo's.

Basic Drone-Mock-Up.

Util3-Fig.1: Drone Mock-Up with Ailerons Control Servo.

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